Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Friend @AliveinMe is VERY ILL!

I am moved to tears as I pray for my dear friend Heather "Hetty" Seibens @AliveinMe who is so sick she is seriously not sure if she will come out the other side of this one and still be on our dear terra firma, but possibly with Our Dear Lord Jesus in Heaven. Much as a Christian wants to be with Jesus, no mother wants to leave her young daughter, brother, or anyone in their dear family when they are only in their 30's!

I am praying for health and wholeness and an end to suffering. After her 3rd brain surgery in Feb. 2010, she is suffering from blindness and a terrible tormenting pain in her bones and muscles that is unbearable. She is the strongest faith-filled person I know, so if she has had it, I know it must be the very worst pain in the world.

I have always admired Hetty. We have been best friends on Twitter, Facebook and via Skype. I had my surgery for my stomach a few days before hers and we recouped together. Now I am well and she is sicker than ever. It is breaking my heart. In my prayers I lift her up to Jesus, the one who holds us in the palm of His hands. Who has born her suffering for her. Only to find she has posted another video on Facebook regarding her unbearable pain and thinking about the end of her life, not a new beginning.

"Oh Lord, I know you have not forsaken my sister Hetty! You do not forsake the works of your hands! Psalm 138: 7. Please let her know this deep in her heart, in the midst of her pain. Know it like she knows the bad things that are happening. Know it like she knows your love for her dear Lord!"

"For God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes." Romans 8:28 My favorite verse in times of trial, and generally!

Hear Oh Hetty the Lord speaking to you. He loves you and wishes no harm come to you, but healing and well being and health. He will make a way where there is no way! I believe this. Please come back to us dear friend. You are so beloved! -- Libby

2 comments: said...

I appreciate your concern for our dear friend in Christ, Sis. Hetty. We do pray for her relief. Let us all together lift her up to the throne of Grace. May God take charge.
Keep inform
With all Good wishes

Ol' Tom said...

Hi Libby, I just read about Heather and I am overwhelmed by the news, I really feel a connection with you both and that I hope for more time with both of you. I am sure this turn is so much harder for you because of the closeness of your relationship, naturally and Spiritually. How are you holding up ? I am so comforted in knowing that Mike is there for you, and will be your confidant. I believe Heather is also in good hands with Christian, Troy & Tory to care for her and see her through this time. If the Lord will see her through this and heal her I will be most humbly thankful. He has brought us all through so many things, I know that with just a whisper He can make all things new. Be encouraged Libby and give heather my love.