Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My 30's: Sunshine Years: Life with Abby!

For someone who worked hard to have a baby and lost two children -- a stillborn baby girl named Shirley -- and an almost year old son named David, I was a pretty excited pregnant mom with Abby. I was married to a wonderful guy named Mike and felt that life was all new again, that the years of sorrow in childbearing were behind me -- and that a new day had dawned. I dreamt of a very healthy baby girl. More than dreamed, I believed. The still small voice inside me that was Jesus talking told me she would be strong and healthy! I was sure my baby was just that a wonderful baby girl -- whole and strong in every way. I did the mom's part. I made myself homemade vegetable beef soup every week, and ate healthy all week long. Culminating on Friday when Mike and I went to Wendy's and for some reason I always ordered a Taco salad (now I have a grown daughter who has loved Hispanic food all her life!) But  I didn't know this all would happen...but I believed in a healthy baby on the way with all my heart and faith!

And the end of  January, 1983 she arrived. I won't say her birth was easy, but the ending was. I pushed her out in two pushes. I was ready to meet her! She was so beautiful with dark hair and so big, she seemed to me, almost 8 lbs and 20 inches long! Mike and I were thrilled, crying and thanking God all at the same time!

Her infancy and childhood years were a joy. Abigail means in Hebrew: Her Father's Joy and she was and her mother's -- she still is! This was a golden time in my life. I had my hardships, surgeries, difficulties, trials as anyone does...but I was filled with the joy of the Lord every time I thought of Abby -- I still do. Maybe not perfect, but she is the sweetest person I know. She is like her Dad and I treasure her!

She was healthy and is! She is an athlete, her top sports are hockey and softball. She snowmobiles in the winter and rollerblades in the summer. She's a goalie in hockey -- yet talented enough to skate out on her current team -- for which she plays back-up goalie. Last year they won in the B-1 Division for the State of MN: WHAM: Women's Hockey Association of Minnesota. Mike and I were there to cheer her on!

Here is a picture of our Abby! Rejoice in the Lord with us!


Sara said...

What a beautiful way to honor your daughter. I am so glad that God blessed you with Abby.

Joy and Peace,

libbytalks said...

Thank you Sara! We love her so much! I need to be on this blog more again and so some posts and receive these sweet comments.

God bless,